Racing: Oulton Park, NRL Round 6.

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I returned to No Limits Racing for round 6 at Oulton Park last weekend. After my off at Mallory, Meala Racing Development went above and beyond to get me sorted for Oulton, and invited me to join their team (Meala Racing) in the process. Buzzin.

Test & Qualifying day

For some reason (I presume locals complaining about noise), this round was a short one. Half a day of testing on Friday morning, followed by qualifying in the afternoon. Then, 2 races on Saturday morning. And that's it.

Testing: Waste.

Best lap time: n/a

tl;dr: It was a massive waste of time.

First of all, we were lumped in with the GP originals again. So there wasn't much hope to begin with. But anyway...

We had 3 testing sessions. I missed the first session swapping from wets to drys (it was forecast to rain). 3 laps into the second session it started raining, so I came in to swap back. And the third session was greasy as hell, so I just called it a day.

Qualifying: Cooked.

Qualified: 22nd of 27
Lap time: 2:03.141 (lap 4 of 5)

It continued raining through dinner, and was forecast to get worse. So I left my wets on.

Of course, it was bone dry, so I banged in a few laps before the tyres cooked and started flailing around all over the place.

22nd - could've been worse.

Race day

Endurance racing occupied the afternoon, so we just had 2 races in the morning, and that's it.

Looking Miss Marple af.

Race 1: Scrubber.

Started: 22nd of 32
Finished: 16th
Best lap time: 1:56.052 (lap 3 of 4)

I got away from the line pretty well, and had a cautious first lap while the tyres scrubbed in - then just build up the pace, and made up a couple more places and got to the front of the group.

Then, red flag.

Finished 16th though. Nice one.

Shitting myself up Deer Leap.

Race 2: Quicker.

Started: 17th of 31
Finished: 16th
Best lap time: 1:54.735 (lap 8 of 8)

Based on the timesheets from race 1, I knew I would be starting at the back of the leading group of riders. I wanted to stick with them, get a tow and last the distance.

I managed it, and had a race long tussle with 2 other bikes as a part of the leading group. I really enjoyed it.

Got a front row seat to them rubbing fairings on the exit curb of cascades too. Fair play lads.

Finished 16th again - but posted quicker times.

First flying lap was a 1.56, and got quicker each lap, down to a 1.54 (super close to my p.b.) on the last lap - exactly what I wanted.


Meala Racing Development

I feel like I've made another step in my riding: consistently carrying a closed throttle to the apex (again) and braking harder, later and trailing off much deeper into the corners.

Between now and the next round, I'm going to try and get some time doing laps on my own. I'm super shit at qualifying, and seems to back right off when doing laps with clear track.

I'm also going to make more of an effort to record and edit some race footage for the future rounds.

And, once again, thanks to Meala Racing Development for sorting me out so quickly. Give them a tinkle if you need pretty much anything. Nicest folk you'll meet.

A small note:


I wanted to try out the new Metzeler CompK slicks. I'd never used slicks or been bothered about them - but from what I heard, the price/longevity/performance of them seemed worth a sniff.

It felt like they have a slightly different profile which makes the bike a bit easier to turn. But, to be honest, I didn't notice much difference compared to Supercorsas.

That being said, I'm probably not quick enough to.