Popping my Donington Cherry.

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3 weeks ago I turned up to a soaking wet Donington Park only for it to get called off - a refund and rebook later and I was back for a dry day. Half a track of fast/flowing and half a track of stop/start - what a cracking circuit.

Track time

As per usual, I'd done my homework and read through my notes while waiting for the gates to open - so I had a pretty good idea of how to get around the track after the sighting laps.

It didn't stop me cocking up all morning though.

I don't know if it was that Focused Events laid it on pretty thick that they don't let any shit slide with regards to passing or that I'd not ridden for over a month - but I rode like a right tit: missing gears, running wide, panic braking and generally feeling disconnected from the bike.

I regrouped and got my shit together at dinner and figured I'd just try and get out on track first and make a break for it.


Heading out first (or at least close to it) worked like a treat. I spent all afternoon working on a couple of things and running relatively consistent lap times - with a best of 1:50.5061.

Shame that I didn't get any footage for proper analysis - full memory card :(


Braking. Something I was hoping my latest upgrades would help with as I've been struggling with braking for a while.

The quick action throttle makes blipping a little easier, and the Brembo 19 RCS definitely gives more feel. I braked harder and with more confidence - perhaps a little too much confidence as I ran straight on at the esses - pulling up just shy of the kitty litter.

Body Position

Playing around with getting my upper body lower, I found that just trying to touch my knee with my elbow set me up perfectly.

To be honest, I got a bit too excited about the prospect of getting my elbow down - I lost the front a bit at Melbourne Hairpin.

With my outside foot in the air, kecks filled and arms relaxed. Luckily, it came back to me and I called it a day on my dreams of elbow down.

  1. For reference, if I had entered, a 1:50.506 would have seen me qualify 25th of 40 in Round 3 of the No Limits 2016 Metzeler Newcommer 600 series.