Let's go racing

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Track day spankings have ruined road riding for me. I no longer have a commute, nor the desire to go for a ride just for the hell of it. Potholed roads, moronic drivers and the traffic lottery that make up 95% of rides aren’t worth the stars-have-aligned cheeky blasts down the snake.

I’ve been going to Road Bike Only track days for the past couple of years. They’re great, but sparse and the ones I can realistically ride to book end the ‘good’ weather months.

I recommend them wholeheartedly though. Everyone (theoretically) rides their bike to and from the track, so you’re all in the same boat: I don’t want to bin it, give me some space.

I digress.

Back in August, just before my last trackday of the year, I started listening to Chris Hadfield's audiobook ‘An Astronaut's Guide to Life on Earth’. In it, he talks about being a Canadian child wanting to be an Astronaut. Canada didn’t even have a space program, nor would it for the foreseeable future. Chris went for it. He figured that if at any point on the path to being an Astronaut, he had to stop where he was: Air Cadets, RCAF, test pilot, etc. That’s more than ok.

That was the turning point. I want to race my motorbike, but, if it never happens and just wind up doing 'proper' trackdays. That's more than ok.

August saw my last Road Bike Only track day. Over the winter I’ve started the process of stripping the dead weight that is road trim off my bike and preparing it for track only in 2016 onward.

For both my own reference and the entertainment of anyone reading. I'm going to document as much as I can. Posts regarding my current experience, level, bike, gear are to follow. Stay tuned.