Notes & Circuit Maps

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At the end of Going Faster, Faster. Part 1 I said that I made and consulted notes at the track. Though there isn't a wrong way to do this, I do find it easier to doodle on circuit maps - I mean, it works for MotoGP, WSBK and BSB riders, right?

I tend to go nuts on one sheet before I go to a track. I watch a bunch of onboard laps - of both my own and others - and write down everything: Brake, turn in, apex and drive out markers; where to drive hard; where to brake hard; what gear to be in; imperfections on the track and anything else of significance.

On the day, I take few blank circuit diagrams to make notes on if I get talking to someone and they give me advice on how they tackle a particular piece of track.

Consult your notes after each session. If the track is new to you, read your notes for a few corners and work on those. If you’ve been there a few times, read through your notes and think back to your last session. Should you be getting on the gas earlier? Braking later? Are you missing an apex? Tipping in too early?

You’ll find that you’ll start remembering your notes out on track. Writing something down really ingrains it in your brain.

Speaking of which - it's also a great way to memorise corner names. Super useful information when talking to others in the paddock or instructors. Time at the track is too short to spend 50% of it describing a lap to someone until you arrive at the section of track you’re seeking advice on.

I've added a new page to the site where you can download and print the circuit maps I use.