2016 Thus Far

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Mallory Park - 28th March, 2016

Freezing my todger off in the cafe at Mallory Park, listening to the safety brief while watching the snow fill the window - not exactly the start to the year I'd been dreaming of all winter.

The snow stopped and was replaced by rain. I was pretty annoyed that the days fun had been ruined - right up until I got out on track and discovered how amazing Pirelli Rain tyres are.

Cadwell Park - 29th March, 2016

Thanks to making internet friends, I wound up Doubling Down and booking two days in a row. It snowed and rained again - shock.

Around dinner time the sun did peek through some rather ominous looking clouds. I was pretty tired by this point so I gambled and swapped over to my dry tyres - some brand new Metzeler Racetec RRs.

I was shitting myself to be honest. Anyone who's ever ridden on new tyres will tell you it's like riding on ice because of the leftover release compound on the tyre from manufacturing.

Luckily I had my tyre warmers with me, so I cooked the bastards for an hour before trundling out on track. I spent a session scrubbing them in before getting some decent laps in on the last session of the day

I left hungry for more.

Cadwell Park - 25th & 26th April, 2016

Cadwell Park is my favorite circuit for a bunch of reasons: it’s fast and technical; it’s not that far away; it’s not a GP circuit like Silverstone or Donington, so it’s a little cheaper at £105 for the day vs £170 ± £10; and they open on evenings for £45.

I booked in for an evening on the 25th, followed by a day on the 26th. £150 for 11 sessions split by a sleep in the van - nice.

Luck with the weather meant that the all day rain stopped by the time my track time started, and the sun came out.

One of my internet friends joined me on the 26th. Let’s call him Phil - because that’s his name. The weather still wasn’t great, so I spent the day giving Phil a tow.

We managed a 1:58 lap - not bad. I’m going to aim for a 1:55 next time.