How To: Install a HM Quickshifter

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I'm a tart. I like shiny new things. Quickshifters though, they never appealed to me for street riding. It's only since taking to the track that I began to yearn for one.

A quickshifter is a simple piece of kit. There's a sensor on the shifter rod that's connected to a bit of loom that middlemans the signal from the bike to the ignition coils. When the sensor "feels" you're trying to shift, it cuts ignition just long enough for the next gear to slot in.

The result is full throttle, clutchless, silky smooth up-shifts. Delicious.

Choices, choices.

There a are lots. Even within one brand (HM), there's a version for every wallet:

Super Lite $ Fixed 60ms kill time, 3 sensitivity settings
Plus $$ Customisable kill time (1ms increments), customisable 0-100% sensitivity setting
Plus SS $$$ Customisable kill time (1ms increments), customisable 0-100% sensitivity setting, seamless shift
GP $$$$ Customisable kill time, customisable sensitivity, data logging, programmable external blipper control, and much, much more

I went for the Plus SS. Seamless shift sounded too awesome to pass up on.

Say you have the kill time set to 60ms. The quickshifter will sense when the gear has actually engaged and resume ignition early if possible (e.g. it might only take 34ms).

Here's the video that sold me on it:


As it turns out, installing a quickshifter onto a CBR600RR is much easier than the installation instructions lead you to believe. HM ask you to remove the tank and airbox to get to the ignition coils that lie beneath.

What a ballache.

Excuse the dirty radiator.

With the fairings off, you can actually see the coils behind the radiator! If you're comfortable removing the radiator mounting bolts and manhandling it out of the way with the hoses still attached. Installing the quickshifter is trivial.

HM loom installed.

You simply unplug the OEM connectors from the bike, plug them into the HM loom and finally plug the HM loom into the coils. It's pretty fiddly to do the outermost two, but not half as bad as pulling up the tank and airbox.

Photoshop skillz

Now the easy part: run the wire and install the sensor onto the shifter rod. You may have to buy a shorter shift rod since the sensor is 55mm long.

Red line Wire routing
Blue arrow Ground
Green arrow Quickshifter sensor
Pink arrow Quickshifter LCD control box

If all goes well, you should be ready to rock! I did play around with some settings on the paddock stands, but eventually wound up back to the default settings.

You'll have to wait until I do my first trackday to see it in action, but, in the mean time here's the video of Baron playing with his quickshifter: